You’d think that catching sunsets would be the easiest New Year’s Resolution to make come true.

It’s not.

Within the last three months, I can count on two hands the amount of times that I’ve watched a sunset. Sad, but true. When I got the chance to watch another Kaua‘i sunset, I jumped at it, of course. The ones I’ve borne witness to have been nothing short of spectacular!

Kai took me out to PMRF, the military base in Kaua‘i on the West Side and we watched the sunset from Major’s Bay, AKA Barking Sands. It was very voggy (or it could’ve been hazy, I don’t know the difference these days) so the sky wasn’t as epic as it usually is, but nonetheless, the sunset was still very beautiful.

My favorite part about it? Was that through all of the vog/haze, you could see Ni‘ihau, but only if you were really looking.

Such a beautiful sunset!


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